Here…finally! by Maddie Stevens

My arrival into London was unexpected, to say the least. Luckily, I traveled with another OHIO student from my group. After having our flight delayed twice, missing the connecting flight into London and having to stay in a hotel in Newark, New Jersey for a night, we finally arrived 12 hours later than planned. Trekking three miles through the city to get the keys to our apartments we would be staying in and then not having any internet connection or way to use the telephone to let our parents know we were alive was just the icing on the (stressful) cake that the “Traveling Gods” had baked up for us. However, once we were finally settled in and the anxiety of the past 24 hours subsided, we were ready for our first big day in London!

London's Big Ben

It has definitely been an amazing trip so far, and there has not been much culture shock that I can speak of. The biggest difference I have noticed thus far is that we do everything much faster in the United States, especially service at restaurants and coffee shops! I have also been fortunate enough to run into some extremely kind people. Everyone is always willing to answer questions about directions, offer information about themselves or ask you about your life. This is something I absolutely love, because I enjoy talking to everyone about everything! It has been my favorite part about traveling, and I look forward to exploring the city even more and to discover even more about this culture.


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