I ♥ London by Maddie Stevens

Now that I am back in the states, I can honestly say I can see the difference between home and the UK. Granted, it could be just that I am “London-struck” and have fallen in love with the place, but everything was clean, the people were so nice, and my experience was just so wonderful! Because I am the type of person who loves more than anything to simply talk to people about their personal stories, I spent most of my time trying to interact with Londoners. I found that everyone was very willing to offer information about themselves and there wasn’t a time where I did not feel welcome. I think it’s safe to say that I ♥ London, like so many of the souvenir t-shirts read.

Overall, my London experience was definitely life-changing, and I look forward to fulfilling my new dream of moving to Europe after I leave OU. I’d better start saving my pennies now! 🙂


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