Final Thoughts by Bethany Scott

Without a shadow of a doubt, the ten weeks that I spent in Ecuador were the ten best weeks of my life. I laughed, cried, opened my mind to new experiences, made new friends, and learned more about myself. Going into this experience I did not know anyone, but I am leaving with sixteen new best friends. Sometimes in life we allow ourselves to become too busy with obligations that we forget to take time out of the day for ourselves. In Ecuador, I was able to allow myself to let go of previous obligations and enjoy each day to the fullest.

As a group, we did more activities than I ever thought possible. Although classes could be challenging at times, I did not give up and know that my Spanish improved immensely. I am so grateful for my host family in Ecuador because they were always encouraging and hospitable. Ecuador is the most beautiful country that I have visited yet.

To anyone who is thinking about studying abroad, I recommend doing it. Sometimes in life it is necessary to take risks and allow oneself to experience new things. That is what I did with Ecuador and it changed my life. I know now though that in life regardless of what will happen tomorrow everything will work out.


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