blog ideas and pre-packing misadventures by Christy Illius

I’ve been reading a few blogs lately, trying to decide how I should go about sharing all of my experiences with everyone, and I have to say that my favorite blog so far actually isn’t a blog, but a facebook page. My lovely roommate’s boyfriend is over in Asia right now, and he is doing this sort of “status update mini-blog” in multiple parts, like, part 1, so on so forth. They are short little updates, but I have had a ton of fun reading them! I am going to try to be tech-savvy here and put his link in so you all can read them.!/profile.php?id=12316885&ref=mf  If that doesn’t work, friend him. His name is Mikey Smith. He loves new people, really. Tell him I sent you : )

Anyways, since my last entry, I’ve successfully semi-packed my bags, gotten together the majority of my laundry I need to finish, purchased my Euros, and scheduled my taxi for the airport in Paris. The euros look far niftier than US currency, which is good for me, because they are just too pretty to spend : )

The booking of the shuttle/taxi was a little more difficult than I thought it would be. First of all , the website is and you can pre-pay ( that way you won’t be taken for a billion dollar ride around town as the newbie) and the driver meets you with a sign. However, I have a feeling the website was translated from French to English, because there were some holes in the forms, like where my state was supposed to be, how I’m supposed to choose the terminal I will be coming out of ( I don’t know, the American one? ), and when I tried to call the company, several things went not-so-well.

First, Paris is a (few) hours different from us. Ooops. I think I called them at maybe around 1 am? Secondly, when I did try to call at a more appropriate hour, the phone was busy. For 4 hours. Needless to say, I am a tad nervous about my arrival into Paris .

Also, packing for a month is hard!! How am I supposed to fit a month’s worth of daily items into only two bags?! I had to pack bags inside of bags just in case I bring home more than will fit into my already exploding suitcases. Did I already mention that I still have more to pack? I read somewhere that you are supposed to take “half of what you think you need, and twice as much cash”. Right. Oh and another fun side note — I’ve been told to hide my euros in different parts of my luggage. So what happens if I lose my luggage? At least I’ll have my list of where I hid all of my euros when I lose them.

The homesickness is definitely starting to show its lonely head as well. I already miss my family and fluffy companion, and my boyfriend ( who can sometimes be considered the fluffy companion : ) I went ahead and bought some mailing manila envelopes at Target today and pre-addressed them to everyone , this way, all I have to do is fill them up with trinkets and momentoes when I’m in Paris, and I don’t have to worry about paying an extra 10 e for an envelope each time I want to send some Parisian love to the states. Pretty nifty, eh? Speaking of nifty, I should probably blog about all of the nifty sites I found while shopping for travel things for Paris. I am a google goddess.

Later gang!


Editor’s Note: The OEA recommends that you carry all your money with you when traveling. Stash it in your wallet/purse, a money belt, and your carry-on luggage. Cash and important documents should never be packed in checked luggage. Lost and stolen baggage is unfortunately a reality.


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