Introducing fall correspondent Matthew Bishop

Matthew Biship is a junior history major with a minor in classics and a certificate in war and peace studies. He will be studying in three cities across Italy: Tuscania, Rome and Venice.

The program focuses on history and classics, which is another reason why I chose it. As far as what I expect out of my study abroad experience, I am trying to make this not only an Italian experience, but also a “travelling Europe” experience, because I will not be able to have this opporunity again. That means that in my time abroad, I will be travelling to Scotland, Norway, Ireland and Spain– possibly to Amsterdam, Greece and/or France as well;  I have already been to Germany. Even so, I am setting aside at least one weekend for staying home in Rome (probably two for Rome) and Venice, and took two weekends here in the small town of 8,000 Italians– the kind of place where most of this country’s people are born and raised, a town which has had the “small town feeling” for almost 3,000 years.

I’m not too nervous about anything; collectively, the twelve students here have already encountered some of the most difficult problems (although we haven’t yet run into the mafia!) and overcome them. I have not studied abroad before, but I have been to Rome, and I remember feeling immediately at home in that city, which is why I chose to study in Italy, among other reasons. After roughly one month in Tuscania, one in Rome, and one in Venice– as well as four days in Scotland, two in Dublin, two in Barcelona and weekends wherever else my adventures take me– I will be returning around December 15th to the United States.


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