Introducing fall correspondent Kendall Kidder-Goshorn

Kendall is a junior history and writing major.  She will be studying in London, England at Richmond, the American International University, until December 18.

I am studying abroad in London this fall through the American Institute of Foreign Study (AIFS). I chose AIFS because the majority of courses available really make use of your time abroad; for instance, in my Art in Context class, we visit a private gallery each week, and in my History of London course, we visit privately funded museums and partake in activities such as going beach-combing along the Thames. I am glad that I have chosen to study at an international university – the perspective of students living in countries that I only hear about on the news is incredibly fascinating. I’ve already been here about three weeks and have fallen in love! I love to spend my time exploring, going to places such as Camden Market, Regent’s Park and, of course, checking out Abbey Road. I still have some trouble with the language barrier (there definitely is one) and figuring out the bus system, but that will all come with time. Currently my main problem is the lack of Chipotle available, but hey, I can deal. I’m so excited to see what these next couple months will bring!


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