Introducing correspondent Erik Alexoff

Erik is a senior at Ohio University studying audio post production. He is currently interning at a video game company in Christchurch, New Zealand.

So since I’ve recently joined this blog, I’ve been in New Zealand for just over a month. After growing up in Cleveland, Ohio, I was shocked to find this country a lot greener than I could’ve imagined any place near a city would be. I felt like the obvious tourist when I was shocked to find that I could see a field- and not like a patch of a grass, an actual field – from inside the airport when I arrived in September. I live in Christchurch in NZ, and it’s such an awesome city. It’s quite small and slow-paced for being the second largest city in the country. There are also a ton of parks and trees and green spaces all around the country. There’s even a small river that runs right through the center of the city. This is definitely the place for anyone that wants to be outside.

Since I have been living here, again only about a month, I have come to realize that I am more of a local than three-fourths of the people that I pass in this city. Our program tour guides and other random locals that I have gotten to talk to keep telling me that Kiwis like to leave home and travel around – and they weren’t kidding. Every time that I get lost in the city and have to ask directions so I don’t miss a bus or something, I generally have the same conversation with about three people before I finally get an answer that helps. It always goes the same every time:

Me: Excuse me, I was looking for such and such bus, or location, and I was wondering if you could direct me.

Other Person: Oh, Sorry mate. I just got into town last night (or last week, or two days ago), I don’t know anything about this city. I could maybe tell you in a day or two.

Talk about frustrating. On the bright side, I’ve met people from all over the world just in my day-to-day activities in the city. I can’t think of anytime in the U.S. where I’ve met people from South Africa, New Zealand, England, Sweden, Asia, and even other U.S. citizens all in one place. And I do this most days of the week. It’s definitely an experience to hang out with people from everywhere you can think of together all in one place.


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