My Favorite things in New Zealand by Erik Alexoff

I have to start off by saying that so far, my favorite place I’ve visited is Queenstown on the South Island of New Zealand.  It’s a smaller town, but by far the biggest tourist attraction, aside from maybe Christchurch and Auckland (the two biggest cities in the country).  If New Zealand is the adventure capital of the world, then Queenstown is definitely the adventure capital of New Zealand.  Anything extreme you could want to do is there.  They have skydiving, parasailing, jet boating and white water rafting, all kinds of good restaurants and about four blocks of a shopping market.  I went white water rafting myself, as well as jet boating, which was invented in New Zealand.  At night there are people all over heading to one of the two-dozen or so bars in the small town.  It’s definitely a raving good time.  There’s also a beautiful botanical garden just outside the main town section where you can walk around and enjoy the beauty of the lake and the trees around the area.

Sine we’re talking about Queenstown, I’ll add in my favorite food that I’ve had here.  I will say that New Zealand is a lot like America (or maybe Britain) in regards to the food selections.  The only real NZ food I would have to say would be lamb.  They have so many sheep here that in most places, instead of beef burgers they will off lamb burgers.  Although, there is one place that is raved about from all over New Zealand in Queenstown called Furg Burger.  This is undoubtedly the best burger joint in NZ.  When you order, right off the bat you will get either a quarter pound or half pound of beef, and the different variations they have are amazing.  You can get a burger with pineapple, barbecue sauce or onion rings just to name a few.  The burger is so massive that once all the toppings go on it, you won’t help but make a mess all over – and you’ll never be happier about it.

I will be going to Hanmer Springs, just north of Christchurch tomorrow, and I think I am more excited about going there than most of the other places I’ve been. It’s a spa town located right near some hot springs, which is something I’ve always wanted to see.  I’ve always wanted to relax in a natural hot spring of the earth.  I’ll also be taking a quad bike tour through some of the countryside.  I’ll get to see some of the beautiful areas of nature off the beaten path, as it were.  The countryside is so beautiful all across New Zealand that anything outside of a major town can be nothing but spectacular.


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