Introducing four new winter foreign correspondents

Rebecca McKinsey

Rebecca is a sophomore studying journalism and Spanish. She will be spending ten weeks in Toledo, Spain.

“I am headed to Toledo, Spain for Winter Quarter 2011 as part of Ohio University’s Spanish Language study-abroad program. This will be my first trip abroad. I’m looking forward to spending time in this historic Spanish city and exploring more of Europe. I hope to meet as many people as possible while I’m abroad who can tell me what life in Europe is like for those there longer than ten weeks. When I’m in Athens, I work for The Post, play in the orchestra and dream of having a pet skunk; I’m not sure what I’ll find during my ten weeks away from all of this, but I’m looking forward to all of it.

Meredith Gourash

Meredith is a senior from Cleveland, Ohio majoring in English and pursuing a minor in business administration and Spanish. She will be spending Winter Quarter in Merida, Mexico.

“This winter quarter in Merida will be my second time attending this program. Merida, Mexico is in the heart of the Yucatan Peninsula, filled with rich culture, fine cuisine and historical ruins. I chose this program last year to gain a better understanding of Spanish. I initially did not believe that I would minor in Spanish, but after immersing myself in the language and culture, I had to continue the education. The Merida study abroad program is structured through Ohio University and the students attend the same school, Centro de Idiomas del Sureste. All students live with host families and must adhere to the program’s guidelines as well as the rules set by the families. The program consists of several excursions to historical locations where students gain opportunities to discover the Mayan culture. I expect my Spanish skills to improve, to have a close relationship with my host family and to travel the Yucatan. I am excited to have the opportunity to return to Mexico and live the lifestyle I have come to love. I await the delicious cuisine my host family will make and the local cooking. I am timid about my classes because my course load will increase from my curriculum last year. I hope I have an excellent experience my second time to the Yucatan and I am able to perfect my language.”

Annamarie Montecalvo

Annamarie is a junior majoring in communication studies. She will be spending this quarter in Toledo, Spain.

“I chose to study winter 2011 abroad to broaden my horizons, enhance my resume, fill my Spanish minor requirements and, more importantly, give myself the opportunity to grow as an individual.  I have learned that we learn the most about ourselves when we are submerged in a culture in which no one knows us. Choosing to spend winter 2011 abroad will give me the chance to experience something beyond my comfort zone that will stay with me for a lifetime.”

Kathryn Mitchell

Kathryn is a second-year political science major in the Honors Tutorial College. She is spending Winter Quarter in Merida, Mexico.

I chose to spend this winter abroad because I am a Spanish minor, I love to travel, and I believe that studying abroad is a critical college experience that all students should be able to take part in.”


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