2011 International Photography Contest

Do you have outstanding photos from your experience abroad? Enter them in the 2011 International Photography Contest by Friday, March 2. All students, faculty, staff and alumni are eligible to participate.

Participants may submit up to ten photos to OEAphotocontest@gmail.com. The photos must fall into the following categories: People, Places, Animals or Photos Taken by Faculty/Staff/Alumni. Winners in each category will be selected and prizes awarded. Winners will also be on display during International Week.

For an official entry form, visit our website.

Check out some of our winners from the 2010 International Photography Contest:

Category: People

1st Place - "Turtle Egg Seller" by Abby Diane Verbosky
2nd Place - "Borneo Fire Blower" by Abby Diane Verbosky
3rd Place - "Gardener's Children" by Abby Diane Verbosky

Category: Places

1st Place - "Look Up" by Heather Nicole Beaver
2nd Place - The Leather Tannery by Marete Kenworthy
3rd Place - "Hong Kong Temple" by Jeff Cleary

Category: Animals

1st Place - "Rainforest Spider" by Abby Diane Verbosky
2nd Place - "Splash" by Kelly Kline
3rd Place - "Grinning Kookaburras" by Kelly Cline

(Category not shown: Faculty, Staff and Alumni)


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