Adjusting to Mexico by Hayley Roberts

Hayley Roberts is a Spanish Education Major. She is spending winter quarter in Merida, Mexico.

I love it here! My mama, Francis, loves to chat and is so sweet and funny. My papa, Jorge, or Jorgito as Mama calls him, is a retired doctor and also very nice – handy too! I started to have a sore throat on Friday and by Monday my tonsils were so swollen that I could hardly breath. Papa examined me, wrote me a prescription for an antibiotic and I’m feeling good as new.

It’s amazing how much I have learned in only about four weeks. My Spanish is much better. I’m doing everything I can think of to practice as much as possible – I read the paper, I just went to Blockbuster the other day and bought some movies and on top of that, I’m constantly submerged in the language – it’s great! My classes are going well. I’m taking a Phonetics class with, two Hispanic-American literature classes and a Mayan culture class. The work load is pretty heavy; on a good day I have about five hours of homework! I really can’t complain though, the classes are interesting and I am learning a ton.

I’m adjusting well. On any given week day, we have breakfast at 7, classes from 8-1, lunch at 2, homework and then dinner around 7. It took some time to get used to a different eating schedule.

So far I have been to Uxmal the first weekend, Playa del Carmen last weekend and Chichen Itza is this weekend! Every day I have to remind myself how lucky I am to have such a great experience and I’m trying to soak up every minute of it.


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