How studying abroad changed my life by 2010 alum Kristen Nehls

Kristin Nehls is a 2010 graduate of Ohio University who studied in Barcelona in the fall of 2008. She helped promote study abroad by working with Academic Programs International and she continues to promote study abroad as a blogger for

Barcelona changed everything.

And when I say it changed everything, I mean everything: my worldview, sense of confidence, direction in life, major in college, choice of social circles, language abilities, educational drive. It’s as though my plane landed back down in Chicago and my friends and family experienced the twilight zone-ified version of Kristin.

When I came back from Barcelona, I immediately changed my spring semester class list and enrolled in as many international journalism classes as I possibly could. I picked up a Spanish minor, dumped my college boyfriend (he was uninterested in the world outside of the U.S. – he just didn’t get it), joined Spanish club and started cooking (hey, I may have left my host mom, but she’d never fully leave me – her recipes live on eternally in my kitchen).

To read the rest of Kristin’s post, click here.


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