“In the b-r-i-t I say British Isles” By Kristen Spicker

I’ve been back in the United States for nearly a week, and yet it already feels like London was ages ago, or even a dream.

The entire trip I joked with my flat mate that it still hadn’t hit me that I was in London. Even though I could see the London Eye in the skyline on my walk to class and I was surrounded with accents, I didn’t feel like I had ever crossed the Atlantic.

Unfortunately, the day I realized I was actually living in London was the same one when I realized I had to leave.

It didn’t help that this happened while I was walking to my flat without anyone to distract me from becoming an emotional mess, which took all of five seconds for me to complete. All I could think of was how lovely everything was in London. The weather was light-years better than Ohio (London only rained a handful of days), the people were polite and nearly everyday I was either at a concert, play, museum or just exploring. There was no such thing as downtime or boredom.

Even now, I cannot believe half the things I did or half the people I met. My biggest fear I had in regards to studying in London was that I had built the city up way too high in my mind, and that I’d be completely disappointed. I do not know if I experienced disappointment the entire two months.

If anyone asked me whether or not they should study abroad, I’d definitely tell them yes. This is easily the best decision I’ve ever made and the most fun I’ve ever had. I seriously never thought that I’d be able to do something like study abroad, so the fact that I just lived in the one city I’ve always wanted to see for nine weeks completely blows my mind. I’ve already decided I want to return after graduation, and have been bookmarking flats online. If I was able to wait twenty years before my first time leaving the country, then I’m sure these next two years will simply fly by.


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