Where would you go? By Anna Moore

If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go?

Ever since a 6th grade research project asked me this question, I’ve known where I wanted to go… AUSTRALIA!

A country where the men look like rough-n-tumble Ken dolls and the native creatures be hoppin’.

Even the name of the country stirs up images of exotic and rugged adventure.

My fascination is probably due to too many hours of my childhood spent dangerously close the TV screen as Steve Erwin tackled some native beast like it was no big whoop.  Of course, the 2000 Olympics in Sydney added to my belief  that Australia = sunny coastline, athletic glory, and gold medals.

My shallow impressions of this the land down under are superficial, but I am ready for the real deal.  I cannot wait to have my expectations blown. This country deserves some face-time so I am going to meet her head on.

I’m going to the land down under- I will not run- I will not take cover.

Sorry, i had to do it   :)

Fun Fact:

Australians spend more money on gambling, and read more newspapers than any other nation. Well-read, yet risky; good balance.


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