Things to know about Australia… by Anna Moore

1.  Winter in Australia… Is…COLD!

Glad I only brought one sweatshirt, two long-sleeves and a light jacket.  The 40 degree mornings with that ocean breeze are brisk to say the least…

2.  Say goodbye to Bananas… $15 for three

I’ll miss you my yellow friends. I await the day when I can taste your potassium-laced goodness again. I am just too darn cheap.

3. The Accent...  If you ask a local Aussie  what their nationality is they will not say Aus-tra-li-an like an Am-er-i-can ( we will pound each syllable clearly)  Instead they drop the beginning and most of the word.. say proudly they are “Strian.”   Say it out loud.  And there you have the accent

4.  Heaps.   A very common way of saying “lots of,” or  “very” is “heaps.” For example, ” Hey mate, are you coming to the pajama party? It’ll beheaps fun, with heaps crazy good times. ”

5. When it rains, it POURS! 

Imagine a fire hose being blasted at your face. Yup, that’s about right. Today it has rained aggressively for over 12 hours. This country is extreme. but lots of rain means “heaps” of rainbows.

6. There is no “Coffee”

I made the mistake of asking for a cup of coffee.  The waiter looked at me, smiled, and said “A what?”  My face got hot and I grabbed a menu looking for an answer.

Short Black- espresso

Long Black- espresso and hot water

Flat White- espresso and milk, no froth

Cappuccino- espresso and milk, froth, and usually chocolate powder

** I must say, coffee by any other name does taste as sweet.

7. Rugby players… are tough.

No pads…’Nough said. 


5 thoughts on “Things to know about Australia… by Anna Moore

  1. Ha, that was fun. Just have been trying to say Strian out loud in order to sound like an Australian. My husband looked kind of uhm irritated. Very funny post!

  2. Bananas were expensive due to a cyclone which wiped out most of the crop in Queensland. They are heaps less less expensive now.

    She’ll be right mate.

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