Meet fall 2011 correspondent, Stephanie Stark

Stephanie Stark is a senior majoring in journalism and studying in Swansea, Wales, UK!

In our kitchen, curry spice sits next to the Chinese rice cooker, which sits next to the jar of peanut butter. It’s a kitchen with multicultural harmony.

Rule #1 (and our only rule): No generalizations.

We have been poking and prodding at one another’s cultural differences, from our languages (apparently, we shouldn’t call our language English, but American) to what exactly a “wanker” is, to why the Chinese don’t have Facebooks (our housemates do now). It’s an every day conversation; someone will ask for jelly and it is confused with Jell-O, someone will say “fall” instead of autumn, someone will misconstrue that “pissed” really just means “drunk”.

Throughout our poking and prodding, we’ve recently realized it is difficult to act as the sole representative of our entire respective nations.

The questions began:

“Do you guys have a lot of guns?”

“Do the Chinese not have ovens?”

“Why do you guys separate the hot and cold water in the sink?”

“What do you call a black British person? African-British?”

“Are there no bugs here?”

“Do you all think Americans are stupid?”

It turns out, some Chinese people don’t have ovens, some Americans don’t own guns and some British have sinks with hot and cold spigots. And so came Rule #1 and our only house rule: No generalizations.


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