Meet Lo Martinez, fall foreign correspondent

Lo Martinez (@_LoMartinez_)is a junior majoring in public relations with a Spanish minor. This past April until mid-June, she studied abroad at the University of Salamanca, API Spanish Language and Culture Program. Lo is now back at OHIO and wants to share her past experiences abroad, encouraging others to take their trip of a lifetime.

I studied abroad in Spain’s “Golden City,” Salamanca. Salamanca is a mid-sized city with a college feel and an amazingly rich history. It hosts the University of Salamanca, the oldest university in Spain, and one of the most renowned Spanish language programs in the country! I was expecting to gain fluency and learn more about Spain’s unique culture, but I never could have anticipated how much I would really learn and be affected by my experience. Through my time abroad, I grew more personally than I could have ever dreamed in both confidence and maturity. I also gained a unique worldly perspective that I am so grateful for… I am 110% changed by my education abroad and have become a huge advocate of study abroad in general since returning to the states! I am currently a peer mentor for Academic Programs International. I really hope to encourage others to explore this amazing educational experience for themselves!


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