Traveling with API

By Lo Martinez, fall 2011 foreign correspondent, @_LoMartinez_

The morning of April 15th, after my third alarm had sounded, I was finally able to wretch myself out of my bed in the Residencia del Torre of Salamanca, Spain. After wiping the sleep from my eyes and having a good stretch, I moved to my window to take in some cool Spanish air.

As soon as I had undone the latch, I could hear the mix of youths conversing and laughing together in the streets below. These students were blissfully returning from a night on the town.

Part of me envied them… a nice warm bed awaited them, while a cold walk to the bus station awaited me.

The other part of me, however, was so excited about my trip to Southern Spain, my envy was all but completely shadowed.

Over the next few months, I had many mornings that began in a similar fashion.

While I was studying abroad, I was blessed with a rare and wonderful travel opportunity…

After seeing some of my previous work and experiencing my unabashed enthusiasm for life/
journalism/documentary-style filming, Academic Programs International made an amazing offer
to be contracted to film abroad.

“Am I interested..? Can you give be just one second.” receiver down *cue the girlie jumps of excitement and squealing*

…and composure re-attained.

“API, I would be delighted to accept your offer.”

They provided me the means I needed to travel around to different study abroad sites in Spain and do what I love most– documenting the beauty of places and people.

Pinch me? (this became a common theme during my time abroad)

Trust me, I couldn’t have possibly been more excited and extremely grateful to the people at API.

Before returning to the good ol’ US of A in mid-June, I traveled to various cities in Spain and to a couple other counties as well.

When I look back at my travels and time abroad, I can do little but revel…

Fortunately, I have the videos I produced for API to remind me that time in my life wasn’t a dream. Each video is filled with the images of beautiful monuments, cities and the smiling faces of those who changed my life forever. It was real and it was nothing short of amazing.

I hope you enjoy these videos as much as I enjoyed making them! Maybe they’ll even help you choose where you’d like to study!

Salamanca, Spain

Cádiz, Spain

Seville, Spain

Granada, Spain

Barcelona, Spain

Bilbao, Spain

-all filming and production done exclusively by Lo Martinez


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