Gina Mussio, OEA Peer Adviser, traveled to Italy!

Gina Mussio is one of the peer advisers for the Office of Education Abroad. Peer advisers provide information to students about education abroad opportunities during the OEA walk-in advising hours 1-4 p.m. on Monday-Friday. They also present general education abroad information to classes, residence halls, student organizations, and during orientation sessions, fairs and information sessions as needed. Stop by the Walter International Education Center, 15 Park Place to meet Gina!

Hi, my name is Gina Mussio, I am a junior journalism major here at Ohio University and a new peer adviser for the Office of Education Abroad! I studied abroad fall 2010 in Florence, Italy. I had been planning on studying abroad for years so it wasn’t so much a question about when but more just about beginning the process. I took a super-intensive Italian language course abroad and returned proficient in Italian. My language skills were intermediate to advanced and that really helped, but knowing the language isn’t necessary to study abroad.

I think the biggest misconception people have is simply that they think they can’t study abroad — that it’s too hard, not for them or too much money. The thing is, not one person I know has returned from an experience and not felt like it was worth it. Studying abroad is something that can and will change your life in some way or another. I believe in our world today it is vital to have a knowledge and understanding of other cultures, and what better way than to immerse yourself in one?

I went to study the language but ended up learning so much more. Studying abroad changed how I feel about college. I’ve always been the “school” type but I was able to learn more in four months from simply LIVING that going to classes just to receive the credits seems a boring. Not to mention the food, nightlife, friends and traveling!

While I was in Italy, I traveled with friends all across Italy as well as the French Riviera, San Moritz, Prague, Berlin and London. I had a blast on every single trip, where I experienced things like a pub-crawl in London, a tour in a perfume factory in France and an opera in the Arena of Verona in Italy. I would study abroad again in a heartbeat! I haven’t decided where yet but I am definitely keeping my options open and searching for the next best program for me!


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