Ashley Beatty, OEA Peer Adviser & Europe traveler

Ashley Beatty is one of the peer advisers for the Office of Education Abroad. Peer advisers provide information to students about education abroad opportunities during the OEA walk-in advising hours 1-4 p.m. on Monday-Friday. They also present general education abroad information to classes, residence halls, student organizations, and during orientation sessions, fairs and information sessions as needed. Stop by the Walter International Education Center, 15 Park Place to meet Ashley!

My name is Ashley Beatty, and I am a junior studying Organizational Communication and Interdisciplinary Art. During spring quarter of my freshman year, I studied on an Ohio University Fine Arts program to London, England.

After my return to the United States, I quickly decided to apply for a second program to the city I had fallen in love with. So during my sophomore year, I returned to London for spring quarter. While I was abroad, I had the opportunity to do a great deal of independent travel throughout England, as well as to other countries including Italy, France, Wales, Ireland, Scotland, Austria, Germany and Holland.

During my time abroad, I was able to learn about the culture and lifestyle of these countries, as well as reflect on my own life at home. After returning to the U.S., I had realized how many life lessons I had walked away with. I returned with a huge sense of enlightenment, self-discovery and independence. I had learned to adapt in unfamiliar environments and how to conquer the unknown. I believe it is through these types of experiences that we are able to understand ourselves and define who we are.

The world suddenly feels more open, with so many more doors open to my future. I am also more eager to interact with international students, as well as continuing to learn about the world around me. Through study abroad, I have seen things I never imagined seeing, met people I never thought I’d meet, and made friendships I could never replace. My life has been forever changed, and it is my hope that other students are able to have this life-changing experience that I was fortunate enough to have.


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