Meet Winter Intersession Foreign Correspondent- Heather Farr

Heather is a Senior Journalism major focusing on Public Relations with a Global Leadership Certificate. Heather is spending this Winter Intersession in Lusaka, Zambia.

When I heard about the “Media, Society and Governance” trip to Africa during my sophomore year of college, I was crushed that it was happening the same summer during which I already planned to intern in New York City. It was the perfect opportunity: a trip to Africa (the next continent I wanted to knock off my checklist) and it combined communications/journalism work with nonprofit work. When I heard that the trip might be happening again during winter break of my senior year, I committed myself to staying informed about the process, nailing my interview and getting my name on that list of the final 18 chosen to go.

I feel a little more prepared to leave the country this time around, especially since my first time abroad wasn’t exactly to a traditional location (my first overseas trip was to Vietnam in November 2009). I am so excited that this trip will allow me to experience the media system in another country. Cross-cultural communication is so important and I think if I can tackle it in Vietnam and Africa, I will be able to handle it anywhere.

Most excited about: traveling to rural villages & meeting the people, walking with cheetahs, bungee jumping, the food, visiting the historic Victoria Falls, spending time with such a great group of journalism students and being in 80 degree weather in December.

Most nervous about: bugs.

Stay tuned to our blog to find out more about Heather’s experience in Zambia.


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