Meet Foreign Correspondent, Katie Scott

Katie Scott is a senior Spanish and Sociology major studying abroad in Mérida, Mexico for Winter Quarter 2012.

Hola! I will be one of your Foreign Correspondents, channeling any and all cool and interesting stories and facts about the Yucatán, Mérida, the Mexican lifestyle and what it is like studying abroad here. I am a lucky third-timer when it comes to study abroad, I was in Toledo, Spain two years ago studying Spanish and received my TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certificate this past summer in Cuenca, Ecuador. I love the Spanish culture and lifestyle (although different per country that I have visited) and want to share my experiences and thoughts with those interested or curious about studying abroad.

A quick overview of Mérida: it is the capital and the largest city (population of around 1 million)of the Mexican State of Yucatan and the Yucatan Peninsula. When you think of Mexico, Merida is in the eastern-most part of the country, a top of the tail-like end of the country. It ranges from 70-90 degrees Fahrenheit each day, but it is usually around a perfect 78 each day (well, for now, it is supposed to get hotter when “winter” ends).

The people of Mérida are as pleasant and warm as the weather. Everyone is extremely friendly, eager to make conversation, and helpful if you are lost or need directions. So far, Mérida is living up to its’ expectations and I am loving it!


2 thoughts on “Meet Foreign Correspondent, Katie Scott

  1. We are in our third visit to Merida, and we LOVE it!! I hope you enjoy every minute!!! Where are you from? We met some girls from North Carolina, our home state!! Merida is all that and more!! You might enjoy my blog…it too is all about my favorite place!! Te espero un buen viaje!!!

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