Meet Ashleigh Mavros, Foreign Correspondent

Ashleigh Mavros is a sophomore studying journalism with a Spanish minor. She is currently in Merida, Mexico for winter quarter.

Merida, Mexico will be my temporary home from January to March as I study abroad in the Language; Culture Program. Senior year of high school I was able to take a day trip into a small town in Mexico across the Texas border and I fell in love; the colors, the people and the overall environment were completely invigorating. An avid traveler for all of my life, I’m looking forward to actually putting down roots in a location for an extended period of time. My hometown has a large presence of Hispanic citizens so I’ve grown accustom to the culture, but while in Mexico I believe the hardest obstacle for me to overcome will be to trust and reach out to those I meet. However, I know my independent and curious personality will open many doors while in Merida. By the end of the trip I hope to have eaten tons of fried ice cream, swam in cenotes, and embroidered my own dress.


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