Being Vegetarian in Mérida, México

By Sandhya Kambhampati
I’ve been a vegetarian all my life and traveling to different countries has always been an interesting experience. I’m so used to getting questions about why I’m vegetarian and how I can possibly live without meat. Before I came to México, I thought I would have difficulty and that my diet was pretty much going to consist of arroz con frijoles (rice with beans).  I was so wrong.
Being vegetarian for the past four weeks here hasn’t been that difficult compared to many other parts of the world. I’ve learned to say new phrases, for example, a hamburguesa sin carne (hamburger without meat), and all the different names for the vegetables here. The best part is that all the vegetables here are fresh and not covered in pesticides!

Here are my tips for anyone that is traveling to Mérida that’s  vegetarian.
  1. Always ask if you can substitute carne(meat) for queso (cheese) con frijoles (beans). There’s so many things that you can have if you just substitute the meat for cheese.
  2. Ask what the fresh fruits/ special vegetables are. Because I’m vegetarian and eat so many vegetables, I’ve actually gotten the chance to try some new vegetables that others don’t get to because they aren’t common in regular food.
  3. Don’t resort to eating salads! There’s always an option whether it be quesadillas or fruits or rice with corn.
If these tips don’t convince you that the food is good, here’s some pictures of the food that I’ve been taking since I’ve been here.

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