Lindsay Kearns, Foreign Correspondent

Lindsay Kearns is a junior studying Spanish with a business minor.  She is also planning on receiving her Teach English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) certificate before graduating next Spring. During Winter Quarter, she is studying abroad in Toledo, Spain.

I am studying abroad in Spain for a Spanish language program that started on January 4 and ends March 15. I am then staying in Europe an extra week over spring break and traveling to Greece.

Toledo is located in central Spain. Being a foreign language major, I am required to study abroad. I chose Spain so that I can have the opportunity to visit other countries (and continents) during my stay. I am most excited to be a part of a foreign culture. I expect to experience difficulties with the language barrier, as well as trouble adjusting to the Spanish culture. I am most excited to be able to travel to many new cities and improve my Spanish skills. I am probably the most nervous about living with my host family because I do not want to offend them or give them a bad impression of myself (and Americans in general). Hopefully I can quickly adapt to their customs and roles. I have never studied abroad before, but I have visited Costa Rica, Canada, Spain, Italy, Andorra and San Marino is the past.


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