Meet Foreign Correspondent, Isaac Placke

Isaac Placke is a sophomore with a Spanish major. He is traveling to Cuenca, Ecuador from March till May 2012. Follow his Spring Quarter journey abroad here and also find him on Twitter, @iketom91.

For the next couple months I will be living and studying in Cuenca, Ecuador, a historical city and World Heritage Site in the Ecuadoran highlands. With the goal of improving my Spanish and learning about the cultures and peoples of the region, I will be living with an Ecuadorean family in Cuenca as well as traveling to the Ecuadorean coast and the Amazon rainforest. In the past, my desire to learn languages and  to learn from the people that speak them has led me to travel the U.S., hike to Machu Picchu in Peru and visit the Central American countries of Guatemala and Honduras. During these travels, I have so far been blessed to have been able to befriend and learn from some incredibly wise and dynamic people, and I am very much looking forward to what my latest adventure will bring.”


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