Meet Gabrielle Pastorek, foreign correspondent

Gabrielle Pastorek is a senior majoring in creative writing and French. She is traveling to Avignon, France during Spring Quarter to study French and culture.

I will be studying abroad in Avignon, France and am very excited to do so because I have never studied abroad and I know that it is a great opportunity and compliment to my French major. Because I will be abroad for the entire length of spring quarter, I am expecting to feel a bit out of place at first, but hope to keep an open mind and sense of humor while I get accustomed to a new and exciting culture. Like most students who study abroad, I’m sure, I am nervous about being completely immersed in the language, although I am also excited to better my understanding of the French language. In a nutshell, I hope to let myself feel uncomfortable at times, enjoy the food, art and culture, and make unforgettable memories!


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