Introducing Foreign Correspondent, Danielle Limon

Danielle Limon is a freshman studying journalism. She is traveling and studying in Avignon, France during Spring Quarter. Interested in her journeys? Follow them and and follow her Twitter, @daniellelimon.

I am studying abroad in Avignon, which is in southern France.  I have been dying to study there ever since I went on a trip through my high school in 2009. I chose this program because it is a French language program, and since I’m studying French I wanted to really experience the culture and language in a new way. I expect to struggle at first, but I’m really looking forward to being surrounded by native speakers! I’m definitely excited about living there and learning more about the language and the culture and the people.  I am a little scared that I won’t understand very much at first, but I think everyone has that fear in the beginning.

Interesting fact: I’m 70 percent deaf in my right ear, and usually rely on reading lips a lot so hopefully I can adapt to “reading” in a new language while I’m there.

I have been studying French and Spanish since my freshman year in high school, so I’m really excited to take the next step in my French education, and hopefully while I’m there I’ll meet some Spanish speakers or maybe even take a small side trip to Spain!


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