Meet our Summer Foreign Correspondents- Part One

Get to know a few of our Summer Foreign Correspondents.  Follow our blog this summer to get updates on the exciting things they are learning and doing.  Destinations include Germany,  England, Israel, Scotland, South Africa, Spain  and Ecuador.

Rebecca Iacobone

Year: Senior
Major: Environmental Geography
Program: Edinburgh: City and Environment

I will be studying in Edinburgh, Scotland on a City & Environment program. I’m excited to learn what advantages and pitfalls come with building cities, and am looking forward to meeting new people across the pond! This will be my first time out of the United States, so I plan to make it a real adventure!

Bekki Wyss

Year: Sophomore
Major: English (with a Minor in History and certificate in Creative Writing)
Program: Israel Cultural and Political Intersections

I am a sophomore from Canton, Ohio who believes in magic, justice, and the power of literature to achieve both. Majoring in English, minoring in history, and pursuing a creative writing certificate, I hope to become a civil rights attorney. To this end, I am studying Middle Eastern literature and the history of Zionism at Tel Aviv University through OU’s Cultural and Political Intersections study abroad program, spending the summer learning about social justice amid the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. I have only ever been out of the country as my parents’ annoying sidekick, so I’m incredibly excited (and vaguely terrified) about these next few weeks. When it comes to Israel, I’m a blank slate, so I can’t wait to share all of these new experiences with you readers. L’chaim!

Lily Acevedo Callejas

Year: Second year MA, First year PhD
Major: Communication and Development Studies MA, Mass Communication and Media Arts Studies, PhD
Program: Tropical Disease Institute- Ecuador

I’m going to be a part of the International Research Workshop from the Tropical Disease Institute, working specifically with the Healthy Living Project  in Loja, Southern Ecuador. It is a research and field work program, and I chose it because it provides hands on experience in community development. As a social scientist it appealed to me because it allowed me to understand how interconnected things like health, economic development and social conditions are. As a humanist it provides an opportunity to look at the role of culture in empowering and mobilizing communities. This year I hope the work I am doing with story telling and participatory sketching can be incorporated in the school´s long term curriculum.

I studied abroad during my undergrad, at American University in Washington D.C- I´m from Colombia so the U.S is abroad- but it was a very different experience, Washington was  more modern than my  home city so the shock was feeling like a country bumpkin going to the big city, whereas I’ve never been to a rural community like the ones I visit in Ecuador, so now I feel like a city girl trying to live the less comfortable country life, it’s kind of funny how relative positionality is.


Stay tuned to our blog all summer to follow Rebecca, Bekki, Lily and more!


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