Meet our Summer Foreign Correspondents- Part Two

Get to know a few of our Summer Foreign Correspondents.  Follow our blog this summer to get updates on the exciting things they are learning and doing.  Destinations include Germany,  England, Israel, Scotland, South Africa, Spain  and Ecuador.

Holly Moody

Year: Junior
Major:  Journalism
Program:  The Olympics, Sports and Global Journalism in London

This summer I will be traveling to London to cover the 2012 Olympics Games! I am very excited for this opportunity, as it will bring me practical experience covering global events. I am heavily interested in a career as a multimedia journalist. Outside of my studies I spend much of my time writing daily for The Post and INC. It has always been a dream of mine to cover the Olympics not only because I am a huge sports fan, but because it is a unique opportunity for me as reporter to interact with people from across the world and to become immersed so many different cultures. This is my first study abroad experience so I am thrilled but nervous at the same time. I am excited to meet new people and explore all that London has to offer inside and outside of the games. But, I am nervous about being in foreign territory with unfamiliar surroundings. Despite all odds, I expect this journey life changing. Hopefully the Londoners will welcome us with open arms, as I will be greeting them with an open mind.

LaKendra Johnson

Year:  Second year MA
Major: Clinical Mental Health Counseling
Program: HIV/AIDS Education in South Africa

I’ve taken an interest in the way that HIV/AIDS has spread across the globe and is affecting blacks (African and African-Americans) at a much, much higher and deadlier rate than our counterparts in other racial/ethnic makeups. I’ve never traveled abroad, much less out of the country (unless Niagara Falls counts). I’m very excited, anxious, nervous, scared, happy about my trip! I can’t wait to take tons of photos and blog about my experience while I’m there and be able to talk about my experiences when I get back!

Jacob Betzner

Year: Junior

Major: Journalism and Economics

Program: Travel at the Crossroads of Europe in Leipzig, Germany

I plan to study abroad in Leipzig, Germany.  I applied for the program because it focuses heavily on international journalism and communication across cultures.  For personal reasons, I hope to visit my family’s homeland.  I am of full German descent except for one great-grandmother.  I expect to learn a lot about different cultures and about myself.  I’m excited for the experience and, obviously, a little scared as this is my first time studying abroad and my first visit to Europe.  I know some European show disdain towards Americans, but I hope this proves to be a minority!

Stay tuned to our blog all summer to follow Holly, LaKendra, Jacob, and more!


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