Meet our Summer Foreign Correspondents- Part Three

Get to know a few of our Summer Foreign Correspondents.  Follow our blog this summer to get updates on the exciting things they are learning and doing.  Destinations include Germany,  England, Israel, Scotland, South Africa, Spain  and Ecuador.

Gerard Grigsby

Year: First year, Graduate
Major: Counseling
Program: HIV/AIDS Education in South Africa

This summer, I will be traveling overseas for the first time to study abroad in South Africa. As a participant in the HIV/AIDS Education program, I will become involved in prevention and awareness efforts, gain field experience in counseling, and immerse myself in the rich, diverse culture of South Africa. I was initially reluctant to apply to this program, but after talking to a friend who is HIV positive, I knew that I would not rob myself of this opportunity to learn, grow, and hopefully influence change in my community. I have always wanted to travel outside of the country, and I look forward to discovering the hidden treasures of my study abroad experience.

Elizabeth Migliore

Year: First Year, Graduate
Major: Environmental Studies
Program: Edinburgh: City and Environment

I am participating in the City and Environment Program at University of Edinburgh in Scotland.  I chose this program because it is compatible with my focus in environmental studies, and I am hoping it will provide me with a unique prospective on sustainable developement as experienced through the lens of a different culture.  I am ecstatic to have the opportunity to stay in Scotland for 5 weeks and also to travel around to other parts of Europe.   I will admit that I am a bit nervous about being an ocean away from everyone I know, and also how I will be received as an American in Europe.   I was never able to study abroad as an undergraduate, and am grateful to be able to as a graduate student.   I received a BS in environmental studies from University at Buffalo, and currently am a Graduate Assistant with Raccoon Creek Partnership.

Sarah Barclay

Year: Junior
Major: Photojournalism
Program: Photography Field School in Edinburgh

I’m studying abroad in Scotland. I chose this program because it’s directly for my major (photojournalism). It’s a program where we will be in the field a lot, traveling over the country to document lives and events. I’m excited because I’ve always wanted to go to the UK, but I’m nervous about getting there and fitting in (aka, not being a tourist). And I’ve never studied abroad, though I did go to Costa Rica with my school in the summer of 2009. Some interesting things about me are that I love the sport of ice hockey and I’m a total comic book geek.

Stay tuned to our blog all summer to follow Gerard, Elizabeth, Sarah and more!


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