Meet our Summer Foreign Correspondents- Part four

Get to know a few of our Summer Foreign Correspondents.  Follow our blog this summer to get updates on the exciting things they are learning and doing.  Destinations include Germany,  England, Israel, Scotland, South Africa, Spain  and Ecuador.

Melissa Wells

Year: Sophomore
Major: Broadcast Journalism
Program: The Olympics, Sports and Global Journalism in London

Excited doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel about my study abroad trip to London! When I was accepted to do this program as 1 of 16 students I was so grateful, appreciative and ecstatic. I am so excited to just be in another country because I have never been out of the United States! To add, covering the Olympics is a dream, something I have fantasized about since I decided to leave West Virginia and come to Ohio University to chase my dream to be a sports journalist. I have no preconceived notions or fears about London, I am ready in full force to take this opportunity by the horns and run with it. I am so blessed to have this chance and I can’t wait to share my experience with many.

Kerry Kubilius

Year: First year Master’s degree
Major: Journalism
Program: Travel at the Crossroads of Europe in Leipzig, Germany

I look forward to studying in Leipzig, Germany as a masters student at the Scripps School of Journalism. As an undergraduate student of Russian at Ohio University, I had the opportunity to study in Tomsk, a city in Siberia. Since then, I have developed a career as a writer specializing in travel to Eastern/East Central Europe and have visited several countries in the region, including Poland, Croatia, and the Czech Republic. Travel to Leipzig, a city in the former East Germany, will help to round out my experience. There, I hope to begin to research towards my thesis, which will focus how post-Socialist societies communicate their identities. When I return from Germany, I will begin to prepare for a semester at Vilnius University, where I will continue my research, study language and culture, and learn about my own Lithuanian heritage.

Travel has the power to transform. It gifts the traveler with a unique perspective, new motivation, and the joy of discovery. I am happy for this opportunity to share stories from my journey and hope they encourage others to add study abroad to their student experience!

Kaitlynn Grady

Year: Junior
Major: Journalism- Public RElations
Program: The Olympics, Sports, and Global Journalism

Starting in July, I will be studying abroad for three weeks in London, England. While I’m there, I look forward to reporting on the Olympic games and touring English press centers, exploring England and interacting with the many different cultures brought into the city for the games. I’m excited to travel with the Scripps London group and can’t wait for the adventures ahead!

Stephen Wendt

Year:  Senior
Major: Spanish, History and Geography
Program: Spanish Language and Culture in Toledo, Spain

I am studying abroad in Toledo, Spain.  I chose this program so that I could become more fluent in Spanish by immersing myself as much as possible while I am here.  I definitely had some preconceived notions about Spain, including what the culture was like and the types of food that Spaniards commonly eat.  I was slightly nervous before arriving because I did not know what to expect before I arrived.  One of my career goals is to teach Spanish to elementary students.

Stay tuned to our blog all summer to follow Melissa, Kerry, Kaitlynn, Stephen and more!


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