Celebrating Nelson Mandela in South Africa by Lakendra Johnson

July 18th was Nelson Mandela’s 94th birthday!

In celebration of his birthday, he asked the citizens of South Africa to donate 67 minutes of service in honor of his 67 years of political service to the country.

The HIV/AIDS Education group that I traveled with dedicated our 67 minutes at Missionvale Care Centre in Port Elizabeth, part of the Eastern Cape of South Africa. Missonvale is a multi-dimensional organization that has a preschool through fourth grade, clothing warehouse, food distribution center and more. It serves one of the poorest areas in South Africa.

It was a heartbreaking, yet wonderful experience.

Even amisdt all the poverty, people were so very excited to come from around the township and give their time to do various tasks around the center. I was volunteering in the clothing warehouse, putting together clothing bags for community members who were heavily affected by floods caused by recent rainwater.

When I was putting together bags, I noticed that there were boxes and boxes of Toms shoes. My heart jumped when I realized that the shoes that they donated actually go to places where they’re needed!



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