A Touch of OU in Oxford by Holly Moody

I have officially been in the UK for five days and I have nothing but good reviews thus far.  West London, Oxford, Brighton are a few of the many places we have been traveling to this week before it’s time for us to get down to work and cover the Olympics.

Each little town has it’s own unique style and feel. From the posh shopping in London to the pebble beach in Brighton, each one has something different for tourists and locals alike to enjoy.

Oxford has been my favorite stops of the week thus far. It’s college town atmosphere resembles that of OU’s where the locals mix and mingle with the student population in the town at pubs and shops. I could definitely say that this kind of made me feel at home, as I do at OU.  With that being said, this particular trip provided me with a moment of comfort as I have been experiencing some culture shock over the past few days. The British may speak English but they have a different way of life over here. The simplest things can throw me off at times like having to pay 20 pence to use a public restroom.

Anyway, the academic buildings at Oxford looked like something straight out of a Harry Potter movie. Well, we learned that some actually are buildings where the first film was shot! But, there were no signs of wizardry or games of quidditch spotted here.

Most of the buildings were scattered throughout the town next to the many shops on each street where many of us spent a few British pounds. A lot of our group came away with Oxford sweatshirts and other cool London flag themed souvenirs for our friends back in the states.

After our formal tour where we learned some interesting facts about the university such as how a student is automatically granted a masters degree seven years after graduating for undergrad, we stopped at a local pub and stuffed our faces. We indulged in delicious British dishes like the infamous fish and chips and chicken and mushroom pier. I cannot say that I was a member of the clean plate club but my fish and chips left me wanting more when we were traveling back to our flats after the day was over. Whoever said British food wasn’t good lied.

Needless to say most of our day as spent moseying around town and relaxing in Oxford, a place that we could all relate to being that we are college students as well. It put me at ease to see students socializing on the greenery and shopping around town as I do at OU. It was definitely refreshing to be in a college town setting again. It gave me something to relate to in the UK where everything just seems so different right now.


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