Chile through my camera lens By Claire Bens

Images from the fall semester in Chile.  OHIO student Claire Bens is a junior majoring in political science and global studies.
Dunes in Concon, Chile (north of Vina del Mar)
OU student, Sara, sandboarding at the Concon sand dunes.
IMG_0293 11-07-27
Painted stairs in Valparaiso, Chile.
IMG_0403 11-07-27
Bottles of wine stacked in a vineyard in Mendoza, Argentina.
IMG_0424 11-07-27
Wall of memory to human rights victims of the 1973 coup at Villa Grimaldi park in Santiago de Chile.
Suspension bridge in southern Chile near Temuco.
IMG_0543 11-07-27
Calf near Lago Budi in southern Chile.
IMG_0552 11-07-27
Windblown tree near Lago Budi, part of sacred Mapuche (indigenous) land.
OU student, Claire, at rooftop restaurant in Cerro Alegre, Valparaiso.
Valparaiso hills at sunset, the port city is famous for its colorfully painted houses.
IMG_0753 11-07-27
Fishing boat in the port of Valparaiso.
IMG_0789 11-07-27
The beach near Isla Negra, Pablo Neruda’s third and most famous home.
Valle del Elqui, a mystical valley famous for its pisco production and amazing stargazing.
Wooden flower market in Pucon, southern Chile. Each flower is handmade and painted to resemble real flowers.
IMG_0688 11-07-27
“La bella durmiente” (sleeping beauty) the ballet at the National Opera House in Santiago de Chile.
The incline of a typical street in Valparaiso, narrow streets make this a pedestrian city because very few buses and cars can navigate this complex maze of stairwells and alleys.

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