Meet Our Spring Semester Foreign Correspondents

OHIO students will be spending this spring semester all over the world.  Follow our blog to see what they are up to.

Lacava Pic
Rachael Lacava

Where she’s going: I will be studying abroad in Salzburg, Austria. Salzburg is the fourth largest city in Austria and is also the location where Sound of Music was shot. I decided to choose this program because I want to improve on my German and be immersed with the German language and Austrian culture. This program is a German language program and is a Ohio University sponsored program.

How she feels: I am so excited to improve my German and to meet new and hopefully lifelong friends in Austria. I am nervous about how it is going to be, being surrounded with German 24/7 and as funny as it may sound, I am a little scared of the train system. I am hoping that I will be able to conquer that!

Previous travels: I haven’t studied abroad before, but I have been to Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein for two weeks through my high school German class. I also have traveled to Greece and Turkey as well.

I am really excited to travel while abroad in Europe and cannot wait till the plane lands! This is going to be 15 weeks I will never forget!


Lauren Gjessing

Where she’s going: Located on the Gulf of Mexico, close to Cuba, Mérida is a city rooted in Mayan history and drenched in colonial influences. Mérida is the capital of the Yucatán State and not far from countless attractions. For me, as my departure from Ohio to Mérida nears, Merida is like a mysterious door I am preparing to step into. While I cannot wait to see what is behind the door, I have to gulp thinking of the people and the place I am leaving behind. Then gulping once more looking ahead – I am brand new to the Spanish language and just took the first class this year. The program and the classes I am enrolled in are completely language and culture based.

How she feels: I am both extremely nervous and extremely excited to be totally immersed in the language. I have a feeling for the first few weeks I will have to do a lot of smiling and nodding masking the terror I feel underneath! Studying in Mérida for the semester will be my first time abroad and the longest in both time and distance I have been away from home. Awaiting the trip, I can see the colorful buildings, I can feel the warm sunshine on my skin, and I can hear the mariachi music playing in my head. I hesitant as I tell people I am going -somehow it does not seem real like how a skydiver must feel preparing to make the jump. As the days move forward, soon enough I will have to close my eyes and make the jump!


Caroline Picture

Caroline Boone

Year: Junior
Major: Political Science
Minor: Spanish
Twitter handle: @cbooone237

Where she’s going: I will be living in Toledo, Spain with a host family and studying at la Universidad Castilla-La Mancha.  The program is focused on Spanish language and culture.  Toledo is an old city about twenty minutes southwest of the capital, Madrid.  Known for its medieval architecture and location on the River Tajo, Toledo was for many years the capital city and has an enormous history to offer.

How she feels: I am very excited to experience Spain in all its richness and color.  This is going to be a great adventure in a culture that to this point has only been known to me for the pages of a textbook.  I am most excited to live in a city where the food, history, music, and people are completely new to me.  But on the same token, I am nervous about being overwhelmed with unfamiliar stimuli.  Living with a host family is going to make the experience so much more intimate and I am excited to get to know them.  I think that the biggest challenge I am going to face is the language difference because the Spanish speak fast and with an accent that is probably different than anything I have heard before.

Previous travels: I have studied abroad once before, for nine days in Paris, France.

I really like to cook so I am hoping to include some Spanish recipes in my blog.  Hopefully my host parents will let me help in the kitchen. 😉


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