Spring Semester Foriegn Correspondents: Erin & Colette

OHIO students will be spending this spring semester all over the world. Follow our blog to see what they are up to.


Erin Golden                  

Year: Sophomore
Twitter: @erinngolden

Where she’s going: I’m studying in Toledo, Spain for the semester! I chose to study on this program because I am a Spanish minor, so studying in Spain and completing a language study is something that I wanted to do. I also chose to go through an OU program because I thought it was the most convenient and easy way to study abroad and I loved the fact that I would be traveling with fellow bobcats! This program is for the Spanish language, I will be taking all language courses while there. It’s also a home-stay, so I will be living with a host family while there. I expect to encounter many new things while abroad; many scaring, exciting, and challenging. But I also expect to conquer them, as this is part of becoming an adult and growing up. I’d love to better my Spanish to the point to being fluent, as I think this is really important for my career.

How she feels: I’m actually extremely nervous! I’ve never been away from my family for this long, so that is part of what scares me. The language barrier also scares me, and I wonder how much I will be able to communicate with people at first. I’m excited for the opportunity that awaits, the new friends, and new experiences. I would love to meet new people and encounter things that I never would while here in the states. Travel is so important to me and I can’t wait to spend time in many different sites of Spain and maybe even Portugal or France. I have never studied abroad before, so this will be my first experience!

Previous travels: I am actually a pretty experienced traveler, I have been to England, Germany, Austria, Italy, Mexico and probably a couple other places that I have forgotten. I started traveling with my family when I was young, and I consider myself very lucky to have experienced all of the culture that I already have in my life. I’m hoping that my experiences in these past endeavors will help me on this one! I am so lucky to have this opportunity and cannot wait for it to begin.


C Whitney

Colette Whitney

Where she’s going: I chose to study abroad because I want to see the world and experience new places and new people. I think traveling is crucial to becoming a globally informed person and I want to understand and see how other people in the world live. I’m traveling to London and studying at the University of Westminster because I have always wanted to visit London. I’ve never been abroad, so I thought about my location a lot. I wanted to be in a big city with a rich culture. London fit that description.

How she feels: While abroad, I totally expect to be homesick and a bit stressed, but I also expect to be amazed and excited. I want to gain a better cultural understanding of the world, and I think London can give that to me. I’m so excited about all the places I will see and all the cities I will go to. I can’t wait to see the all the historic sites and museums. But, I’m also excited that I just get to live there for five months; that I get to be me and do what I usually do, but in London. Just the everyday stuff, that’s what I’m excited for. Also, the shopping. I’m scared about being away from home for so long and being homesick. I’m definitely going to miss all of my friends and family and my dog, so it scares me that I’m not going to see them for such a long time. For the most part, I am thrilled that I have to opportunity to experience London, and Europe for an extended amount of time. I am certain that it will be beyond awesome, and I cannot wait to get there.


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