Don’t Be Afraid to Socialize

It was a long day woke up early to catch my flight for Toronto and then it was just a wait game. Waiting about 7 hours till I boarded my flight to Munich. It’s been a long, nerve wrecking but exciting wait. It will be a wonderful adventure with some amazing people from Ohio University. I just look forward to the friends I will make, the places I will see, and the stories waiting to be written!

Landing in the Munich airport an overwhelming rush of excitement and anxiety took over. It was only a matter of hours till I would be at Europa Kolleg in Salzburg. Finding the right train to take in order to arrive at our destination was quite the event. It seems we all packed rather a lot, being able to lug all that luggage on and off the train was quite a task in itself. During our train ride we encounter a Bachelor Party, which was a neat experience. We ended up drinking a beer with them as well as eating some bread and jerky sticks. It was a fun and definitely memorable experience.

We finally arrived in Salzburg, and celebrated all of our arrivals by going out to some of the bars to socialize with other Austrians. I definitely recommend bar hopping, it’s a great way to meet people. I was very proud of myself after I received a compliment on how well I was able to speak German. It’s always an amazing feeling when a native German speaker says a compliment such as that.

All in all the first two days have been good. Finished classes fairly early this morning, and later tonight we will be going out as a group to dinner. I am very excited to be sharing all my adventures with all of you and hope that you like reading them as much as I like writing them!

The country side view from the train ride
Bachelor Party
Exploring the city of Salzburg

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