One Country Three Days Five Different Cities by Rachel Lacava

Rachel Lacava is a sophomore at Ohio University majoring in Audio Post Production for Moving Image and minoring in German. She is currently studying in Salzburg, Austria at the University of Salzburg.

Last weekend, was my first time traveling by myself. I had decided to go to Holland to visit friends. I was really worried and a tad bit nervous, because I was convinced something was going to go wrong, whether it be me missing my flight, going to the wrong gate, or not being able to find my friends. Thankfully none of the above happened!

I had an amazing fun filled, packed weekend. It all started as soon as I landed in the Rotterdam Airport. I was able to find my friends and their mom with no worries (to be honest I think they might have found me first). We drove about an hour to their island called Zierikzee. It was amazing. The village is so quaint and charming. My friend works at a local café/bar that we visited on Thursday evening. It was fantastic! This local café reminds of a café from a children’s book. It is so picturesque, with dim lighting and candles lit throughout the café. It just makes the atmosphere of the café very relaxed and homey. Not to mention the local beer is superb.

The next morning was lovely. Living in a dorm and away from a family environment, it was nice to wake up and eat breakfast at a family table! This breakfast was probably one of the best breakfasts I have had since being in Europe. We had a selection of different types of bread, which were made from a Windmill located near the market where the bread was purchased. We had several different types of spreads, meats and cheese. Not to mention we had handmade orange juice.

Later in the afternoon we took a bus back to Rotterdam to meet up with my other friend. That evening we went out to dinner. I had some delicious sushi at Suno in Rotterdam. What is really cool about this restaurant is that you have 6 rounds and for each round each person can order 5 dishes. We had three people so for each round we order 15 different dishes. As you have already guessed we were not able to make it to round 6, however we did get to round 4.

Afterwards we headed to the movie theater to see Silver Linings Playbook. Which is an amazing film, if you have not seen it I strongly recommend you do! Then to end the night we went to another café called NRC. Which used to be an old newspaper building. We had prosecco and talked the night away.

ImageThe following morning we headed to Amsterdam. It was amazing! This city has such amazing architecture. We went to the Palace of the Queen, which was beautiful. Saw a pretty awesome street performer.


Walked all over Amsterdam and then had the best pancakes I have ever had. We went to a small quaint restaurant called Pancakes! We both ordered an apple bacon Pancake. It was so delicious.

Later that evening we headed back to Rotterdam, took a train from Rotterdam to Delft for my friend’s boyfriend’s house party/birthday. I met some really amazing people and just enjoyed the atmosphere.


The next morning my friend’s boyfriend made us some breakfast and then we were off again but this time to The Hague.  I think this was one of my favorite places. We went to the Escher Museum, which is a really cool art/optical illusion Museum. There are so many interesting and intricate pieces of art from M. C. Escher.








Later that night I was taken back to the airport in Rotterdam and hopped on a plane to take me back to Salzburg. It was such a wonderful weekend. To be surrounded by friends is always a great feeling.

For future travelers I want to remind you that the friends you make while abroad can end up being some of the best people you meet. Stay in contact with them. It was because of this, that I was able to enjoy Holland as a local. Being able to stay in a house and go from city to city with a native really makes traveling so much easier and a lot more fun!


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