Meet our Summer Foreign Correspondents part 1

OHIO students will be spending this summer semester all over the world. Follow our blog to see what they are up to.


Seaira Christian-Daniels

 Photo on 2013-05-10 at 20.15-1

Twitter: @seairacdaniels
Major: Senior Journalism with Spanish minor
Where She went: Santiago, Chile with USA
Her thoughts on her experience:
Before studying abroad, I mostly looked forward to improving my language skills. However, I’ve found that studying abroad quite literally opens one to all the possibilities of the world and allows one to become closer to truly becoming a citizen of planet earth who happens to be located in the United States of America.

Liliana Acevedo Callejas

Year/Major: Finishing up first year of Doctoral Program for Mass Communication
Liliana previously was a foreign correspondent for the blog, she will be in Leipzig, Germany .

Lindsey Zimmerman


Twitter: @lindseyzim716
Year: Entering her sophomore year this fall
Major: Broadcast journalism and public relations
Where she’s going: Leipzig, Germany
Last thoughts before she leaves:
I will be studying abroad in the historic city of Leipzig in eastern Germany. One of the main reasons that I chose this program has to do with the international journalism and communications experience I will gain from it, which is extremely important in this day and age. However, one of the other factors that influenced me to choose this program is the fact that many of my family’s ancestors are from Germany. I think that this will be a fantastic way for me to explore my family’s cultural past while gaining valuable experience for my own future career, so it seemed like the perfect location and program for me. I’ve never studied abroad before so I’m a little nervous, but for the most part I’m so excited to start my journey!

Kat Cook


Year: Junior
Major: Broadcast Journalism
Where she’s going: Interning in London
Few thoughts before she leaves:
I am traveling abroad to London England and I will be interning for a company called London Education Abroad. I chose this program because the excitement and experience of interning in a foreign country is something I believe will be an unforgettable experience. While abroad I hope to encounter the lifestyle of living in London, hoping I feel like I belong and adapting to their culture. What I hope to encounter on the job aspect of my experience is relationships within my career as well as experience that can continue building my resume and gaining skills that I can use in the future. I am most nervous about being home sick and away from my family, especially because I am very close with all of them. I am also most scared about getting lost, I am very good with directions but I feel the tube is definitely going to take some getting used to. I have been to Europe with my family before and I traveled to Paris, Rome, Venice, and Germany. I haven’t studied abroad by myself before and extremely excited to embark on this adventure.

Megan Gallagher


Year: Senior
Major: Communication
Where she’s going: Hungary
Few words before she leaves:
I have never left the country and I am beyond excited to spend 9 weeks abroad with the Simonyi Program. I chose to go to Hungary because I will be able to fully immerse myself in the culture and explore business in a new part of the world. It will be incredible to work alongside Hungarians and learn from client interaction with real businesses and entrepreneurs from a different country. I look forward to the transformation in myself during this trip as I am challenged in an international setting.


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