Meet our Summer Foreign Correspondents Part 2

OHIO students will be spending this summer semester all over the world. Follow our blog to see what they are up to.


Lauren McCullough

Year: I will be a second year Master’s student next year.
Major: Public Administration (certificate in War and Peace Studies)
Program: U.S Department of State Internship Program
A few words about her future travels:
This summer I will be traveling to Kampala, Uganda to intern with the Department of States’ Bureau of African Affairs in their Population, Refugee, and Migration Unit. After learning about the atrocities plaguing central Africa, I chose this internship to introduce myself to a career in diplomacy and to work within international policy regarding the human rights and well-being of refugees in this region. I am extremely excited to emerge myself within Ugandan culture, though this also represents one of my greatest anxieties. I do not personally know anyone living within the country nor do I know any of the native languages (however many people speak English). All I know is what I learn from books, pictures, youtube videos, and blogs. I also never studied abroad before. Everything about my journey, whether it be going through customs or getting a taxi, will be brand new experience. I will be entering Kampala with an open mind and an open heart, from that, I anticipate having one of the most profound experiences of my life.



Brady Edge

Twitter: @Braled
Year: Senior
Major: Bachelor of Specialized Studies in Nutrition and Natural Sciences
Program: Summer internship and study abroad in Costa Rica
A few words about his future travels and himself:
I will be taking spanish classes at Universidad Veritas, and interning at a tutoring center in San Jose. I am excited to live with a family from an entirely new culture, because I believe that the best way to reimagine your own identity and your own way of life is by seeing new lifestyles and understanding new perspectives. My hobbies include playing music, hiking, writing, and slacklining. I plan on spending weekends travelling across the country and exploring the natural environment that Costa Rica has to offer. This is my first experience abroad, and I’m a little anxious about learning to adapt to a new environment and use a new language.


Nicole Joyner-Powell

Year: Going into second year of Medical School
Major:  Osteopathic Medicine
Program Abroad: Child Family Health International in Ecuador
A few words about her future travels:
I am going to Quito, Ecuador to gain exposure to medicine outside of the US and to learn Spanish!  I am really excited and apprehensive about going to a foreign country (I have only been on one cruise to the Bahamas), by myself AND I am not fluent in the language.  I am going to be living with a family, navigating the city, and learning medicine…. I wonder if they are going to be able to communicate with me and I with them?  Not only will I put my Spanish to the test, but also my medical skills….This is definitely an adventure that I am going to grow from and gain experience that I can use with my future patients!


Sara Stewart

Year:  Junior
Major: English
Minor: Film
Program: Film-making in Ireland


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