Finding Your Inner Local by Kat Cook

I have survived my first full week in London! And when I say survived I mean barely; my first week has consisted of getting tangled up in maps, lost on the tube, and having to ask for directions countless times. So I assume you are thinking why is she writing a blog about finding your inner local? Within a week of living in London I have started to already become a true Brit and I will help prepare you to become one too!

Don’t be the Loud American

Brits associate Americans as being extremely loud. So my advice is set a tone level for your voice in public. Anyone who knows me knows I have one voice level, LOUD. After day one I learned in a restaurant by the millions of stares that I stood out like a sore thumb. It may seem to you that you are almost whispering while you talk, that is a perfect voice level for an American to make yourself blend in with the locals.

Do ask for directions

It is very easy to get lost in a place you don’t know especially in a foreign country. When you’re lost or unsure about where your going ask a local, it will save you time from wondering around trying to figure it out yourself. Although I do recommend sometimes getting lost, it can take you to some cool places, but if you have a set time of where you need to be or want to go ask for directions. The Brit’s are so friendly and helpful I have yet to meet one that has been bothered by my terrible sense of direction.

Don’t rely on public transportation past midnight

If you will be staying in London longer than a week invest in an oyster card, the London underground is so easy to get around and offers good prices for week passes. Keep in mind the underground network transportation does close at midnight so arrange for a cab back to where you are staying. I recommend pre- booking a cab if you know you will be out late it is cheaper than hailing a cab.

Always order a beer

No matter what time of day in London it is always acceptable to order a beer with your meal. So many restaurants have good deals on beer and meal combinations, especially around lunchtime. While in London I recommend taking advantage of the fact that having a beer no matter what time of day is acceptable.

Do attend the free attractions in London

Take advantage of London’s many wonderful free attractions such as the British Museum and Hyde Park. That is just to name a few, London has multiple parks spread around town some bigger than others but all still offer a nice relaxing break from the tourist events.

Don’t throw any garbage on the ground

Garbage here is referred to as “rubbish” and if caught littering in London is can be up to an 80-pound fine, 25 dollars in the U.S. London is a very clean city but there are limited trashcans around. Just keep all garbage in a purse of pocket until you find the nearest trashcan can to avoid a possible fine.


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