Easy Cheat’s for being Cheap while Abroad by Kat Cook

No matter what age you are traveling abroad always comes with a budget. That budget is even a larger factor when you are only away from the U.S. for a certain time. You find yourself wanting to do so much, see so much, and travel to as many places possible during your time abroad. That’s why I have decided to help you get everything you wanted out of traveling abroad all on your budget.


Wanting to taste all the food of the culture you’re in is a necessity to traveling, but no matter how long you are in a country after a week or two all the restaurants’ menus begin to look the same. In London it is pub after pub, although, I am trying to get my fill of bangers and mash, fish and chips, and Sunday roasts I want to cherish these typical London dishes not get sick of them. My suggestion is to pick one to two days out of the week to go out to dinner or lunch. These are the nights you should get that one of a kind food you know won’t taste the same at home. One to two times a week is enough to fill the urge without making you sick of the traditional culture food. My suggestions for the other nights is to try and cook in. A majority of hostels and places you stay with your program usually have a community kitchen where you have a choice to cook. To save even more, make a suggestion to the people you are traveling with to each cook a big meal one night a week, then your grocery list is divided and even cheaper. If you don’t have an option of cooking, going to the local store to get yogurts, chips, microwavable dinners, and sandwich essentials can also help your bank account stay positive throughout the week.


Going to bars can be expensive especially in bigger cities where cover needs to be paid to go into a bar or club. It is understandable you want to go out and experience the night life of the city you are living in, so I am not going to say don’t pay it but I do have choices of other weekly options.


Everyone has sites and cities they want to see while abroad, talk to other members in your program or group to come up with a list of cities or sites people want to go and see where everyone’s suggestions overlap. Traveling with groups makes it easier and cheaper to find hostels.  Numerous airlines like Ryanair, Easyjet, and Monarch are all airlines that run booking deals. These deals allow you to book a trip or travel to a certain location within certain dates. Be aware of these dates and travel accordingly, it can save you a fortune on your travel to your destination. Rail and sails are packages that are very popular and frequently offered. Rail and sails sometimes involve a longer time of travel but can often be worth it for the dollars you save- or in my case pounds (£), which I have found myself wanting to save more of than I usually would save at home. Oh lord, I feel like I am starting to turn in to my Dad!!


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