Irish Fun

My first day in Ireland was groggy and enlightening. After traveling for 24 hours I was ready for sleep and a good meal, but upon my arrival all I wanted to do was explore the small town of Letterkenny, Ireland. So I forced myself awake and made the 15 minute walk to

Resembling the walk in Athens, Ohio it still hadn’t hit me that I was in Ireland. It was just past 9:30 PM and it was still light out. But it being a Sunday night I was skeptical to see if there would be a whole lot going on. The further I walked with my group of friends the livelier the town appeared. We finally found an Irish pub with live music going on and headed straight inside.

Entering the pub was like entering through the wardrobe leading to Narnia. Old pots and teacups hung from the walls, music posters from the 1950s and 1960s were plastered everywhere. The wallpaper that covered the ceiling reminded me of an 80 year old grandma’s tacky sofa.

The Irish people that filled the pub ranged from young teens who just finished school to middle-aged adults that had to be at work the next morning. But none of these concerns seemed to matter to anyone.

Once the band started to play the crowed woke up and began dancing. No one seemed to care if they knew one another or if the age difference was high, they all just wanted to dance and experience the music.

A significant difference between American and Irish dancing is the personal space. There wasn’t any inappropriate grinding going on between anyone but instead the women would use their hands to touch a mans shoulder to let them know they were having a good time. As well as when a non dancer tried to walk through the dancers, saying “excuse me” was almost unnecessary because the Irish could care less of you bumped into them. They took it as a part of the dance.

Needless to say the people around me made me feel as if I had stepped into this whole other world where anything goes because all anyone wants to do is have a good time and enjoy themselves, but as well as each other.


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