Meet Claire Bens: Peer Advisor

Hola! Namaste!

I am Claire Splain Bens. I am a senior, double major in Political Science and Global Studies Peace and War Studies with a minor in Spanish Language. I was a study abroad student during the 2012-2013 academic year in Chile and India. I spent fall semester studying Spanish, Chilean culture, transitional justice and human rights with Academic Programs International (API) in Vina del Mar, Chile. And spring semester I studied at the University of Hyderabad in central India where I took courses in Ayurvedic medicine, the theory of Yoga, basic Hinid script, and women’s political movements with ISEP-direct. I chose to non-traditional and very distinct study abroad programs because I believe in experimental learning and pushing myself to new levels of understanding. I loved that my study abroad experiences were out of my comfort zone and that each day was a new challenge. I also appreciate how different each experience was; one I was in a host family and the other in an international dorm; one I spoke the language fluently and the other I spoke one of the many languages spoken; one I went to small urban school and the other I went to a large suburban university. These differences gave me an admiration for the variety of different study abroad programs and opportunities available.

The Office of Education Abroad has walk-in advising available every day M-F from 1pm-4pm. You will meet with a peer adviser  someone who has traveled abroad before, and they will help you start to plan your program. Be on the look out for more posts getting to know your Peer Advisers!


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