Become a Global Ambassador @ OU!

Studying abroad and subsequently working in the Office of Education Abroad, has been one of the most rewarding experiences that I have had in college. Before I traveled abroad, I would describe myself as being shy, unable to make new friends, and all around socially awkward. I would have never imagined that I would be doing anything that resembled public speaking or just speaking to strangers in general! But once I went abroad, I feel like I became a new person; I became a better version of myself. While abroad, I was forced to make new friends, talk to complete strangers and to become independent. I feel like I did an entire 180-degree change.

When I got back to OU, I learned of an opportunity to help promote studying abroad for the Office of Education Abroad. I loved studying abroad so much and all of the life lessons that it had taught me, I wanted to make sure that other students were able to take advantage of this opportunity. I began working as a Global Ambassador my fall semester, junior year and I absolutely LOVED it. I loved tabling and providing information on the program I went on and the company I traveled with, it was really fun helping with the Study Abroad Fair and just speaking with other students who were afraid to go abroad but just needed a gentle push. Through the Global Ambassador program I was also able to learn how to speak about my trip in a professional setting, and how to use my experience abroad to my advantage, especially when applying for jobs. My work with the Global Ambassador program eventually led me to a Peer Adviser position in the Office of Education Abroad, where I am able to reach more students, and help more students explore the world!

Interested in becoming a Global Ambassador at Ohio University? Email Stephanie LaCava at for more information!

Alexis Chambers is a senior studying Political Science and African American Studies. She traveled to Meknes, Morocco the summer of 2013 and she is Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship Recipient.



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