Meet the Staff – Keely Davin

KeelyeditedName: Keely Davin

Position: Senior Program Coordinator. I advise students who are interested in global programs and work with Faculty Directors who run programs.

Education: Gannon University (undergrad) and Arizona State University (graduate).

How long have you been at the OEA: I’ve been with the OEA since May 2011.

Favorite aspect of work: I really enjoy helping a student find a program that is a great fit for him/her personally and academically.  Especially for those students who think that an international experience won’t fit into their plans.  It’s very rewarding to find a way to make it happen for those students. I’ve gotten emails from students abroad in which every sentence ends in an exclamation point.  It is an exciting experience to help students discover. I also enjoy working with our faculty members who put so much time and energy into making these programs a success.  I feel lucky to be involved in facilitating such unique programs for OHIO students.

Experiences Abroad: I studied abroad in Costa Rica then spent some time volunteering in Guatemala after graduation.  I’ve also visited France, Honduras, Mexico, Spain, Czech Republic, Ireland, England, Morocco, and Brazil.

*The post is a part of  a series of “Meet the Staff” posts. Each week different staff members from the Office of Education Abroad (OEA) will be featured. You can contact Keely at 740-593-1798  or


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