Meet the Staff – Kirsten Dabelko

KirsteneditedName:  Kirsten Dabelko

Position: Program Coordinator. I work with several OHIO faculty-led programs as well as all the exchange programs open to students at OHIO.  I work closely with faculty members who lead programs abroad so that I am better able to advise students, who might be interested in participating.  The exchange programs are a very interesting group of programs to work with.  They provide students with a very different and somewhat more independent model for studying abroad, and I really enjoy working with this student population and our partners abroad.

Education history: I have an MA in English and American Studies from Odense University in Denmark.  During those studies, I came to OHIO as a student on the Denmark exchange.  Later I returned to complete an MA in Political Science here and then went to University of Maryland for a Ph.D. program, however I ended up leaving UM with an MA instead.

How long have you been at the OEA: Since November 2013.

Favorite aspect of work: I love coming to work every day for many reasons.  Working with students who are curious about the world and international experiences is my favorite part.  I also enjoy working with an amazing group of truly dedicated colleagues.  The OEA has a very dynamic and forward-thinking atmosphere, making it a fun place to be.

Experiences Abroad: Given that I am from Denmark, my study abroad experience was coming to the United States, where I have lived and worked in three very different states.  I have traveled throughout most of Europe, primarily as a tourist and been fortunate to also visit Chile and Costa Rica.  While at UM, I lead three different study abroad programs to the Czech Republic, Denmark and Costa Rica.

*The post is a part of  a series of “Meet the Staff” posts. Each week different staff members from the Office of Education Abroad (OEA) will be featured. You can contact Keely at 740-597-9039 or


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