Why You Should Get Your Global Leadership Certificate

By: Jaelyn Bowman

If you have an interest in international relations, business, consulting, non-governmental organizations, non-profits, global affairs, public relations, so on and so forth, then getting your Global Leadership Certificate would be a perfect fit for you! Though this certificate is not a degree granting program, it will enhance your studies to a more global scale.

Here are just a few reasons as to why you should be in the Global Leadership Certificate Program:   

It’s Only a Two-Year Program 

Most students think that certificates won’t allow them to graduate on time. I am living proof that this is not true. I’ve changed my major three times and now, as of my junior year, I am a Child and Families Studies Major with my Global Leadership Certificate. I’ll be graduating on time, in 2021. Matter of fact, my last semester will consist of an internship, therefore, I won’t be taking courses. You may be thinking “how is that possible?”  

Well… yes, I did take summer courses, but I will graduate with my class. Each of the 4 semesters, only one course needs to be taken and passed in order to get the certificate! 

Hands-On Consulting Experience!

By taking the required courses with Ohio University’s Global Leadership Center, I have learned how to become a better consultant. Not that consulting is my thing, but it helps you develop skills that you may need in any or almost all, job settings. Skills such as critical thinking, persuasion, communication (very crucial), group work performance, problem solving and much more.  

Boost Your Resume

Because of this program, I have expanded and enhanced my resume tremendously. Since beginning this program, I have added the certificate itself, my consulting project in Cambodia and hopefully another one for my trip to Germany with GLC. It’s a great way to present your global leadership skills to employers! 

Relationship Building

In my GLC courses, there are people from so many different majors. Journalism, Communications, Business, Child and Family Studies, etc. Everyone brings something different to the table! The Global Leadership Certificate does not pertain to one specific major. Students are given the opportunity to work with students who are not in their same field, allowing different perspectives and ideas to be expressed throughout your colleagues. You also take these classes with your cohort; the same people you started with. You make friendships with globally- minded peers who all have the same interests as you! 

Become a Globally-Minded Leader!

If I had to take away one thing while obtaining my global leadership certificate, it would be understanding and becoming a global minded leader. This can mean a lot of different things to different people. You learn to create your own meaning. For me, that is being able to impact an individual or a community. Whether that be making someone’s day by saying hello in their own language, or helping a community become more sustainable by facilitating a beach cleanup and encouraging eco-friendly habits. Throughout this program, I have become more open minded when trying new things, learned more about myself in group settings, become more culturally aware and more invested in international, cultural events on campus. 

Study Abroad

Last, but certainly not least, you can study abroad! With the Global Leadership Center, you could potentially go to Chicago, Cambodia or Germany. However, the program is always changing for the better, therefore there may be more/different options in the future! So far, with GLC I have traveled to Chicago, Columbus (Khmer New Year, US Together Refugee Integration Conference), Cambodia and hopefully will travel to Germany the Summer of 2020. Cambodia was not a place I ever considered traveling to, but I said “what the heck” and went… and I am so thankful I did. I LOVED Cambodia. Life there is so simple and fun. The locals are so welcoming. It made it even better that we were able to learn Khmer (language of Cambodia) and learn about the history.

Fact: Did you know the Khmer Rouge was responsible for one of the worst genocides in the 20th Century? After Cambodia, I was able to travel to Bali for fun with other students in my cohort. So many opportunities are within this certificate!

For more information on GLC, email glc@ohio.edu, or go to https://www.ohio.edu/global/glc/index.cfm 

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